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Woodworking Plans – What to Look for in Woodworking Plans

Many people enjoy the hobby of woodworking because it is relaxing and provides an ideal outlet for their creativity. Woodworking is an ideal pastime for those people that enjoy working with their hands. Woodworking typically requires a great deal of focused attention on measurements and details. Because the measurements and details are critical to the success of a project, quality woodworking plans are important.

Wood Lathe Safety: Be In Shape For Woodturning

Woodturning, like other aspects of woodworking tends to be a very physical activity, yet many woodturners take far better care of their wood working equipment than they do of themselves. Some considerations are in order for continued enjoyment of our craft.

Wood Lathe Safety: Fit The Style Of Turning To The Wood

One of the changes in woodturning over the past few decades has been the increase in artistic turning, particularly in faceplate turning such as bowls and vases. This has occasioned the use of woods such as burls, spalted wood and cracked or otherwise injured wood. Many of these require extra caution on the lathe.

Woodturning Tools: What To Look For In A Handle

When people think of woodturning tools, they tend to thing of the cutting end first and ignore the handle, unless they are making their own. Yet when turning, it is the handle we grip and the more comfortable and usable it is the better, especially when employed for long periods of time. There are a few simple things to look for when selecting or making a tool handle.

Setting Up The Wood Lathe: Six Considerations To Follow

Once a wood lathe has come into the woodworking shop there are a few things to consider as far as setting it up for work. It will likely be in use a fair amount of the time and the enjoyment of the tool will depend on the setup and installation. Here are six things to work on to make the craft more efficient and enjoyable.

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