Chris Salomone of Four Eyes Woodworking talks about design, furniture and his cinematic videos.

Woodworking Projects Are One Click Away

Doing your home woodwork on your own can save you a lot of money and get you rid of the trouble of asking others to do things for you. But this can’t turn so great if you have no idea about what you’re doing; you will just mess up the wood you’re using and more money will go to waste. The most common objects that people attempt to make are outdoor furniture, tables and desks but in most of the cases what you create is not even 20% like what you’ve imagined before starting to work.

Build Your Own Tree House – Pros and Cons, Fasteners and Hardware

Tree houses are fun, bonding activities you can do with your friends or family, and can provide a unique and ideal hangout spot surrounded by Mother nature. There are several prerequisites that must be met before this particular project would be considered feasible for you. The first ones are also the most obvious:

3 Must-Do’s for Successful Beginner Woodworking Projects

Good places to look for information include but are not limited to: article directories such as,,, and You can also check for articles about your specific subject at and If you’re wanting to purchase complete books on woodworking, check out If you’re wanting books but don’t want to pay for them, your local library can be an invaluable resource. Local bookstores that carry woodworking magazines can be a treasure trove.

Find Woodworking Plans That Match Your Skill Level

Whether you’re a total beginner, have some experience using woodworking tools and creating wood projects, or are an extremely skilled woodworking professional, it’s important that your woodworking plans match your skill level. Beginners need easy projects that are simple to construct and relatively quick to complete. Actually finishing a project can give a beginner satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment and can lead to their starting another woodworking project that’s more difficult.

Woodworking As a Business – How to Turn Woodworking As a Hobby Into Profits

Is woodworking as a business possible? There is a growing demand for woodwork and an insufficient supply to meet this demand. Regardless whether you are someone who is fully passionate about woodworking, or just someone who enjoys doing woodworking in your spare time, you can take this opportunity and fill in this gap in the market to cash in your hobby. To turn your hobby into a successful business, there are 3 key points to keep in mind.

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