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What Is Wood Turning?

Wood turning has become a very popular form of woodworking in the home shop in recent years. Still, for many people the craft and art of the wood turner remains a mystery. This is a relatively new occurrence in history. In past days almost every community had a wood turner in the same way that they had a blacksmith. Each was necessary to everyday life and each have largely been superseded by cheaply manufactured items of everyday use made of plastic as well as metal and wood.

Turning Bowls On a Lathe

Turning wooden bowls on a lathe is the dream of many woodworkers or for that matter, many crafts people. Still there remains a mystery in the minds of people as to how difficult it must be to go from a log to a bowl in the middle of a small home workshop. Crafts people called wood turners have been doing this for centuries and it can still be done today. In this case, the dream can come true.

Wood Turning Ideas

Where do wood turning ideas come from? All the world is round and as one walks around the woods and dales, ideas abound for those who look. What is needed is some thought as to how to look and how to think so as to find ideas that simmer until a design is cooked. A little experience from another turner can point the way to lots of ideas to make it to the wood lathe.

Beginner Woodturning Projects

Three huge tasks face the beginning woodturner. First is the difficulty in learning to use the new array of tools, most of which are unique to the craft. Second is learning to sharpen those tools, a process similar to and at the same time different from the sharpening of similar tools in the modern workshop. Third is knowing what to turn and why. A good sequence of beginner projects serves to answer all three questions well.

Woodturning: How to Use a Faceplate Safely

Faceplate turning is a particular delight for many woodturners and many beginning woodturners are captivated with making bowls and vases. In addition most lathes come with faceplates at the time of purchase. To encourage enjoyment in not only beginning turning but also in its long term pleasure, safety in the use of this simple tool should be learned easily, quickly and early in the wood turning experience.

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