Get the most out of that horrid miter gauge that came with your tablesaw

Personalised Gifts To Make For Someone Special

One of the great things about woodworking is that you can make personalised gifts for any occasion. Giving a present you have made yourself will always be much more special than buying something because it shows how much you care and it will be something that cannot be bought.

Woodworking: Not Just Your Hillbilly Hobby

There is an actual science and art to it. No dumb person can do woodwork. It’s as technical as conducting surgery; you have to be precise by the centimeter.

Choosing a Brush and Finish

While a seasoned finisher can apply a stain or topcoat skillfully with virtually any brush, most people are better off buying a good-quality tool. The brush may cost more than a lower quality model, but it includes certain features that will ensure consistently good results.

Woodworking and the New Woodworker

Each and every week, I take the time to read the comments that my readers make about my woodworking blog. First of all I want to them for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate all of the comments and suggestions. This past week there was a comment from a gentleman, who expressed a desire to get into woodworking. As a guy who is passionate about woodworking, I want to welcome him to the fold. And I want to offer him all of the advice and encouragement possible in his endeavors.

Hardware For Furniture Upholstery

Hand-forged, stamped and machine-cut iron tacks, pins, wire nails, staples and other hardware such as clips, hooks, clamps, braces, snaps and zips are used to attach layers of upholstery, and support systems to frames.   Eighteenth-century tacks have hand-forged iron shanks and hammered heads sometimes referred to as ‘rose head’. However, this term is also used to describe some machine-made types and should therefore be avoided as confusing.

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