Gloves in the workshop?? – Common questions answered

The Perfect Woodsmith Shop

Do you enjoy woodworking projects?  Are you constantly spending your free time building furniture and other woodworking creations?

Playhouses for Girls – How to Make Wooden Playhouses More Girly

Are playhouses for girls any different from playhouses for boys? No, not really, but if you want to build a playhouse specifically for a little girl, there are ways to give the playhouse a more feminine touch. In this article I will give you some tips on how to make wooden playhouses more girly and where to find great plans for building playhouses for girls.

How to Make a Butterfly Box

Building a butterfly box is a great project for any woodworker and great for the environment too as it protects butterflies from predators. whether you live in the city or country, a butterfly box is a wonderful way to attract butterflies.

Types of Handsaws and Their Uses

No matter how many power saws you have, sometimes you just have to have a handsaw. But not all handsaws are created alike. There are different saws for different jobs.

Safety Tips in the Workplace – How to Be Safe at Work

Woodworking is a rewarding hobby that can be dangerous as well. But if you pay attention and learn to follow a few simple rules, it’s no more dangerous than baking a cake. Certainly, the first step is to maintain a healthy respect for the tools you are using, especially power tools.

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