How Danie Berger tells DIY stories. DIY Danie. (Ep 17)

The Truth About Free Shed Plans

Learn why free shed plans are not the greatest choice and why. Also see some great tips on getting quality plans for your shed.

I Just Loved Making Things Out Of Wood

From a very young age I was always making things weather it was ramps to jump over with my bike or skis to use when the snow fell four foot deep. Ill never forget strapping those two finely crafted floor boards to my feet and proudly heading out into the middle of the road for their test run.

Different Wood Stains for Your Small Woodworking Project

The two types of stains I am going to compare are gel stains and thin-bodied stains. They both have their fair share of uses.

Safety Tips for Chainsaw Carving

Chainsaw carving has really been gaining popularity lately, there is even a new show on TV about chainsaw caring items out of ice. When working in this art form safety is an important factor, with the speed that the chain moves and the type of cutting tips on the blade, things can go wrong quickly.

Birdhouse Design Basics

Bird watching is a favorite pastime of millions of people around the world. For some people, this means taking regular walks through the forest in the hopes of spotting a favorite species. Of course, not everyone can go out in search of his or her favorite birds, for whatever reason, and for these people it is much easier to bring the birds to them. Wild birdhouses are often used to do just that, and are quite easy to set up and maintain. Furthermore, they are usually inexpensive to purchase, or can even be completely homemade if need be.

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