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What Are Some Good Wooden Toy Plans

If you have been thinking about making some wooden toys here are some ideas and pointers. There are hundreds of different plans but your decision should be based on your current skill level and the age of the child you’re making the toy for.

Woodworking for Women – Power Tools

One reason many women shy away from woodworking is perhaps a bit of “tool phobia.” It’s understandable because so much of modern woodworking revolves around power tools and high speed spinning blades can be intimidating. Keep in mind though that fear of power tools is not unique to women. My father is a good example of that. Even though I own just about every woodworking power tool known to mankind (okay, perhaps a bit of an exaggeration!) my father will still go out of his way to use a hand saw and a chisel. It’s not a love of hand tools on his part; it is a fear of power tools.

Tips For Buying The Best Woodworking Plans

For many woodworkers, the question is where to get the best do-it-yourself woodworking project plans at the most reasonable price. Typically, you need to buy specific plans for every project you tackle, whether it is building a bird feeder, making home furniture, or building a shed. Buying individual plans is time consuming and costly.

How To Make Bird House Kits Fun and Educational

If you want a project to bring the family together and be educational than getting bird house kits may be for you. Learning about birds and building a birdhouse are both educational and fun. Children will be thrilled to learn about different birds and learning to build birdhouses.

Bird Feeder Designs for Every Woodworker

Many woodworkers choose to construct bird feeders as their first major project after working on a couple of small ones because these are relatively challenging structures to construct, depending on the general design and its complexity. Bird feeders may additionally make a very good selection for woodworkers who are planning on taking up a joint project to introduce the craft of woodworking to their kids.

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