I snapped a tape measure 10,000 times. Here’s what happened.

Cheap Sheds Can Still Be Perfect Solutions

Even cheap sheds can end up being perfect sheds if all of the proper analysis is done. What is needed, required and desired are all decisions to be considered. When those choice are made first, the end results will be a shed that fulfills all of the needs and one that can be proudly shown off.

Swing Plans – Outdoor Swings Add a Touch of Country Charm

Few things are as relaxing as lounging in an outdoor swing with a favorite beverage. In the winter they can be snuggled on under a blanket. They make an excellent napping place during a summer rain shower.

The Wonders of Woodworking

The earth is home to billions of people, and even more non-human creatures. Not only does the earth provide food, air, water, and nutrients to all of those people and non-human creatures, but she also provides shelter. The tree is a brilliant and important living creature. Its filters the toxins from the air, provides shade, provides a canopy from the rain, and when cut down and processed, provides materials for building homes, and the main component for any woodworking hobby.

Plans for Benches – Building a Bench Perfect for Your Space

Benches are often overlooked as a seating option. They are really quite versatile and can add a lot to any space. They can be used in a mud room, in a foyer, or in an outdoor space to create seating and storage.

About Professionalism

A series of articles related to the furniture, its production, collaboration and everything relevant to it I would like to begin with the question of professionalism. Why particularly with this question I want to begin? To my mind, it is necessary to approach to any handicraft only with attitude of professional approach. It is not worth a matter if there is a slight airy mood. Even very simple things require feedback from those who create them. In this article I’ll try to make sense of what professionalism, workmanship is. I also will try to work out a system, which will allow solving many problems related to any handicraft more professionally, handsomely, qualitatively.

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