Is wood glue stronger than my truck? #shorts

Combination Woodworking Machines

There is a huge amount of choice when it comes to choosing woodworking machinery, from borers to compressors, edge banders to guillotines, planers to sanders and spindle moulders to thicknessers. Depending on your type of woodwork, the machines and tools you require will vary, and if you are starting up your own workshops, you will soon find that your list of ‘must haves’ grows increasingly ever larger, the more projects you take on!

How to Build a Shuffleboard Table

The quick guide to build a shuffleboard table. Overview of the costs, timing and major steps required to complete your DIY shuffleboard table project.

Using Bed Woodworking Plans To Build A Custom Bed

As mentioned, building a bed does require some woodworking skill. The plans are more complex, so having prior woodworking experience is going to be necessary. If you are only a beginner, then it might be best to start out with some easier projects first and really study the craft. Read books, visit forums, and read articles about building a custom bed.

Drilling Wood

I want to talk to you about how you should go about drilling wood. First off we need to talk about the many types of drill bits there are for you to choose from.

Drill Holes With Electric Hand Drills

We are going to talk about the pros and cons of electric hand drills. The main ones we will talk about today are single speed, variable speed, reversible and battery powered, that’s enough for now so let’s get started.

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