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How to Remove Old Finish From Furniture

Equipment You Will Need – The basic equipment is: A good paint and varnish remover, denatured alcohol solvent, gum turpentine if the remover contains wax, a putty knife with the corners rounded, a wide wall spatula an old or cheap bristle paintbrush, an old toothbrush, burlap squares, 2/0 steel-wool pads, clean old cloths, newspapers, covered containers for remover and alcohol, covered metal container for used rags and papers, waterless hand cleaner. Use caution when handling flammable material.

How to Notch Wood by Hand Easily and Quickly

Incorporating notches in woodworking is something I recommended in a previous article called “Why Wood Notching – Tips and Benefits”, but in this article I’m going to cover the step by step process you can use to actually do the job. There are several tools and methods you can choose from to accomplish this task, and I’ll be listing them below for your reference:

The Power of the Sun and Rain Against Wood

We know the power of the elements is astounding, but we may not practically realize just how destructive they can be. The sun, rain, high temperatures, low temperatures, and humidity all play a role in gradually wearing a given material down. Obviously, by keeping an object indoors, you can eliminate the rain and greatly reduce the damaging effects of the others as well.

The Art of Hand-Making Cricket Bats

The art of hand-making cricket bats is known as podshaving. A cricket bat is traditionally made from willow wood, specifically from a variety of White Willow called Cricket Bat Willow.

Shed Design Plan: Building a Firewood Shed

Sheds come in all sizes and shapes and are built for many varied purposes. An often overlooked shed design plan is for building a firewood shed. I want to address that oversight right now.

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