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Pocket-Hole Joinery: How It Works and How to Use a Pocket-Hole Jig

Pocket-hole joints are reliable; what’s more, they’re also simple to produce. They come together quickly and their easy to maintain, too. Having the skill to produce a pocket-hole joint, then, is pretty valuable in this industry. Find out what pocket-hole joinery is and how to do it really efficiently.

Want a New Hobby? Get Some Woodworking Plans and Try Your Hand At The Woodworking Craft!

Woodworking is a great craft to take up and it is related to most other crafts in one way or another. You can also wind up with some very high quality furniture for your home without spending a bundle to get it.

Project Ideas for Woodworkers: Give your Bathroom a Facelift

Woodworking project ideas for bathrooms! Create wall art with shadow boxes, additional storage with shelves or a new overall look with a custom bathroom vanity.

Common Shed Designs You Can Use For a Storage Shed

There are a number of designs that are commonly used for building a storage shed. Some of these designs are easier to build than others. Much of this has to do with the type of roof the structure uses.

4 Common Questions About Teak Outdoor Furniture

What is so special about teak? The gold standard of patio furniture is teak patio furniture. It is an extremely dense hardwood that is rust resistant, bug resistant and needs very little maintenance to be long lasting and durable.

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