Robots and technology in the woodshop, with Jonathan Katz-Moses

The Beginner’s Guide To Woodworking

Much has changed since the days when our grandparents were growing up. Back then, the majority of men had woodworking skills and could use their hands to build a number of items. These men would work on their own projects as a hobby whenever time allowed for it.

Refinishing Wood Furniture – A Rewarding DIY Hobby

I have always enjoyed working with wood and refinishing wood furniture – for a number of reasons. Timber is a relatively easy material to work with, and quite forgiving – and the refinished/restored result can be quite impressive. My earliest projects were while in high school – making boxes, coffee mug trees and the like.

How to Make Garden Furniture – 4 Essential Tips Before Your Download Plans For Garden Furniture

Do you want to learn how to make garden furniture? If you want to make the best garden furniture out of every woodworking project you take on, you should start with easy to follow plans for garden furniture. The tips below will help you to identify the best guides available in the market.

Plans for Bedroom Furniture – 5 Tips on Getting the Best Woodworking Plans for All Experience Levels

Before you start on any plans for bedroom furniture, make sure you only go for the best woodworking plans available in the market. It does not matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned woodworker, quality woodworking plans will help you to enjoy woodworking as a hobby, or as a business much better. Your time spent on projects will definitely be more rewarding and fun.

Wooden Jewelry Boxes: Handmade Gifts That Can’t Go Wrong

There is something special about making your own gifts. It makes your present unique because it is one-of-a-kind and gives you a supreme sense of satisfaction. Making your own wooden jewelry boxes is not as difficult as perceived.

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