Roy Underhill of The Woodwright’s Shop on ethical woodworking (Ep 12)

Benefits Of Free Woodworking Plans

There are many and varying reasons why someone would avail of free woodworking plans. Among the many materials that can be used for different projects in your home, wood is perhaps the best one available. Wood allows you to create many masterpieces big or small ranging from a small stool to a cabinet in a comparatively shorter time. It is likewise relatively safer and cheaper compared to iron works for example where you would need access to acetylene torch and other flammable materials.

Shed Plans – Construction and Tips For Beginners

Have you ever considered building your own shed? It is a massive undertaking and before selecting your shed plans and attempting to begin the construction phase you need to ask yourself some serious questions. First and foremost, what are the requirements of the shed?

Wooden Toys – Great for the Kids and for You!

You can find wood plans to make a huge range of things. But I think that of all those things, one of the most rewarding projects is the making of wooden toys.

Woodcarving – Basics

To learn the rudiments of carving takes an afternoon; to master the craft can occupy a lifetime. However long, the journey from novice to master can be eminently enjoyable, yielding many successful and satisfying pieces.

How to Make Money From Your Woodworking Projects

It is easily possible for you to start making money from your woodworking projects. All it takes is a little practise and you will be making money in no time.

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