STL229: The $1000 shop exercise

My Quest For a Quiet Air Compressor Has Finally Ended

I had great hopes for my Thomas T635-HD air compressor after I got it a number of years ago. Would I be able to get a new compressor as quiet as that one?

JET’s JWL-1220VS Variable Speed Wood Lathe, A Better Lathe for Your Benchtop

If you’re searching for a high-performance lathe that’s both powerful and compact, there’s no better choice than JET’s JWL-1220VS variable speed wood lathe. Nurture your skills and enhance your results with this totally superior benchtop lathe.

JET’s New XACTA Table Saw 708675PK: Woodworking Without Compromise

Jet’s DELUXE XACTA SAW is one of those machines that no woodworker should have to live without. Advanced features, superior performance and a really great price tag make this table saw a superior choice for all self-respecting, high-expectations-having (yes, I said that) craftsman. This is a beautiful machine that encourages, inspires and delivers really beautiful results.

Few Things to Consider Before Building a Boat

Most people enjoy doing their work with their own hands and when it comes to building a boat, people get excited. In this article, beginners are given some tips and advices of how to plan for their boat building project in a better way.

Tommy’s Journey on Billy Cart Races Day Morning

Tommy woke up early on Saturday morning with an unusual excitement. He is a happy kid but usually when excited is all over his parents or family members, but today Tommy woke up and went straight down to his garage. As he got down there he saw his Billy Cart just where he and his Dad had left it.

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