STL239: Are expensive sanders worth it?

Being Safe Around Router Bits

“Safety first” is something you see in every workshop. The equipment in a typical workshop can hurt you if you mishandle them or forget basic rules. This article will present several points to remember for anyone working with a woodworking router or the router bits it uses.

The Best Woodworking Ideas for Beginners

Beginner woodworking ideas utilizing used woodworking tools should focus on improving the basic woodworking skills. So many novices get too thrilled with the prospect of working on fancy projects that they forget to master the basic skills of woodworking. The projects listed below are designed to help the beginners master the necessary woodworking skills before moving on to more complicated projects. The skills are outlined at the end of each project.

You Should Not Worry About Finding Woodworking Projects to Do

Initially when you start out doing DIY woodworking you might find yourself thinking about what you can build. This really ought not to be a worry as you can in fact find woodworking ideas all over.

Useful Woodworking Tips For Newbies And Advanced Woodworkers Alike

Whether you’re just starting out in woodworking or you’re an experienced craftsman, there’s a good chance that you can benefit from a few extra woodworking tips. These bits of information won’t teach you whole new techniques or make you a master, but they can help make your shop more efficient or help speed along that next project. Here are a few very useful tips to help you be a better woodworker.

Woodworking Basics: What Is the Difference Between a Plunge Router and a Fixed Base Router?

When choosing a wood router, there are many options to consider. The most obvious is whether to choose a fixed base router or a plunge style router. Both have distinct advantages and disadvantages, depending on the type of project. In order to help you make the best decision for which of router type (fixed or plunge) is the most appropriate for your use, we have explained the major differences between each style.

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