STL244: Laura Mays–The Inquisitive Furniture Maker

Making a Selfish Case for Sustainable Wood

A lot of attention has been given to the sustainability of our global forests and associated resources. World-wide deforestation can certainly have a negative impact on local economies, global trade and the environment. And while all of these items deserve proper research, I would like to make a case for sustainable wood, from a different perspective – a selfish perspective.

What Are Your Favourite Woodworking Tools?

If you have a bunch of tools in your shed you probably have a favourite one. Is it a plunge saw, a router or is it a set of chisels? My favourite would be my cordless drill. I am a cabinetmaker by trade and my area of expertise leans towards kitchen and flat panel joinery. Cordless drills are a necessity in the kitchen industry. My cordless drill is great, and a little bit fun because it has quick release attachments.

How To Apply A Shellac, Oil, Or Lacquer Finish

For many years, a shellac finish has been favored because it is so easy to apply. Almost any kind of wood can be finished with shellac.

Easy to Make Log Furniture: Three-Legged Log Stool

If you think about it, log furniture is perhaps one of the earliest styles of home furnishings known to man. Odds are, once the cavemen learned how to craft tools for themselves, one of the first items the Misses requested was a new place to sit. And odds are, some of the first forms of furniture ever crafted were three legged log stools. In this article I will go over what most consider the simplest forms of log furniture; The Three-Legged Log Stool.

Start-Up Woodworker

Start-up Woodworker is about how a project is handled and how the beginner has to tackle the various aspects of making something from wood. It describes what is important and where care needs to be taken and also gives an indication on which tools to use.

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