STL247: Drop the baseline

Be Careful When Handling Your Woodworking Tools!

The article mentions a couple of things you should be careful about when attempting your shot at making woodworking projects. It also mentions what you should invest in as a woodworking beginner.

Designing Heirloom Wooden Jewelry Boxes for Women

Nothing says you care more than a gift that you have designed yourself. Wooden jewelry boxes for women made in old world style will definitely strike a chord. The elegance and strength of wood is unbeatable, thus making it perfect heirloom material.

Bench Saws and Table Saws

Bench saws and table saws are an integral part of any woodworking shop, necessary for many stages in any woodwork project. A bench or table saw can crosscut, square, groove, shape, join and miter, and needs to be reliable, high quality and versatile.

Woodworking Beginner? Here Are Some Tips

Selecting the right kind of plan is vital to success. This article will show you what to look for when purchasing a woodworking plan or a blueprint package and more.

Beautiful Woodwork With Your Scroll Saw

So now that you’re getting better with your scroll saw skills, it’s time for you to start making beautiful woodwork. To turn out beautiful work you need to have great patterns.

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