STL253: Woodworking is just tricks and fixing mistakes

Great Woodworking Projects Require Great Plans – What You Need To Look For

If you want to have great finished woodworking projects, you need to start with great woodworking plans! Have you ever found yourself neck deep in sawdust, trying for all your worth to get your woodworking projects parts to fit together and they just won’t go according to the plans? What went wrong? Sometimes, it’s pilot error, we all make mistakes sometimes.

April Is National Woodworking Month – Twelve Great Ways To Celebrate

Yes, there really is a holiday for everything, and this one is a long one, National Woodworking Month! I suppose the reason us woodworkers get an entire month is because most all of our projects take longer than a day. I mean, can you imagine how rough Mothers Day would be if it took three weeks to bake a cake for her? I guess flowers do take a while to grow, but still, it only takes a second to hand them to Mom. I personally think mothers are at least as important than wood…

Woodworking Project: Built in Book Cases

My wife and I are very voracious readers. In our house not having a good book to read is almost a criminal offense.

Guidelines For Building A Shed Foundation

Learn how to build a deck tier foundation for your shed. See which type of foundation is the best and why.

A Simple Woodworking Plan – How to Pick the Perfect Piece of Wood

Have you ever had to buy lumber? Have you ever seen someone inspecting a piece of wood and not know what they are looking for?

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