STL255: Vic’s plywood workbench

Woodworks Projects

Beginners and experts to woodworks projects will realise that the best way to succeed, is to follow instructions, take things slowly and plan ahead. “Measure twice and cut once” as the saying goes. The more planning that you put into your project the more likely that you are to succeed. Below I have listed some helpful tips for both beginners and experts to help you create that woodwork master piece that you can be proud of.

Woodworking Skills For Marine Projects

If you take the time to look next time you are at a boat harbor, check out the supreme quality of woodwork used on marine craft, both in their construction and the marvelous finishing of the decks, railings and masts. The beautiful rich color of the timbers contrasted against the painted sterns looks magnificent.

Are You Ready For Any Woodworking Challenge Which Comes Your Way?

Have you received woodworking tools for Christmas every year from your kids? Also you have probably purchased a lot of woodworking tools yourself over the years and now you may have a very impressive selection. It usually takes many years to build such a woodworking tool collection so you wouldn’t want it to sit idle in your garage in boxes. Now could be the perfect time to spend a day or two in your garage, sorting out your tools and finding some empty space to work. Now is the right time to learn and master the woodworking skills.

How to Re-Felt a Pitched Shed Roof

A pitched shed roof is fairly straightforward to replace but it is much easier if you have someone to help. It’s not always easy to see where the damaged felt is but if water is leaking through then the bituminous felt may need replacing.

How You Can Build Small Woodworking Projects With Young Kids

Small woodworking projects are excellent projects for kids to learn both patience and how to work with their hands. This article explores what to look for when finding small woodworking projects for kids.

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