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How to Turn a Piece of Firewood on a Lathe – Bowls And Other Faceplate Work

Woodturners wanting to make bowls or other faceplate work have a difficulty in accessing wood suitable for the turning. Most of it at any suppliers will be too small, too expensive or split in the drying process. Firewood suppliers are an excellent source and it is relatively easy to prepare it for the wood lathe.

Woodturning Pleasures – Do Not Forget The Giving

One of the joys and discomforts of woodturning is that it is a solitary endeavor generally consisting of one person at a wood lathe with tools in hand and intense concentration on a spinning piece of wood. The solitude may be eased in a variety of ways, especially when the turning itself is over, and one of them is the act of giving.

Woodworking And The Wood Lathe: The Challenge In Finding Wood For The Woodturner

As woodworkers move from flat woodworking such as jewelry boxes, desks and wall cabinets to woodturning round objects such as candlesticks and bowls, there arises a new challenge in finding the wood with which one works. The old familiar places may not fit the new requirements and the results may be pleasantly less expensive.

Basic Equipment You Will Need to Start Woodturning Projects

While it is easily understood that a wood lathe is needed to begin woodturning projects, there are a few other necessities before starting. Many of these are already found in the typical woodworking shop while others will need to be purchased.

Woodturning Tools – Five Reasons To Make Your Own

Most woodturners start out with a basic lathe and a beginner’s set of woodturning tools. Soon the vast array of tools in the catalogues begin to look enticing and the idea of acquiring a greater variety grows on most turners. Even with the depth of choice available in the woodworking catalogues there are still reasons to make your own.

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