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Bending Wood – Different Techniques Used

How often have you gazed in wonder at the beautiful intricate shapes of wooden architecture, marvelling at the sheer creativity of the workman? Such extraordinary shapes and designs can be made only with the aid of bended pieces of wood. So how can this bending be done?

Mortising Attachments

A mortise is a joint that can be used to connect two parts of a structure together. The mortise is not complete without its counterpart the tenon. The tenon has to be shaped appropriately to fit into the mortise like a glove fitting a hand.

Veneering Wood

Veneer refers to thin slices of wood that are fixed to a wood surface usually made of particle board, medium density fiber board etc. Veneer sheets come up to just about 3mm in width. This material is usually used for flat panels of doors, cabinets etc.

Types of Joinery in Woodworking

The bonding of various pieces of wood in order to create a finished product like furniture, toys and other fixtures is called joinery. The quality and texture of the materials used in this’ joining’ process decides the durability, appearance and strength of the product. The joints can be made with different types of material like fastenings, bindings etc. whereas some articles employ only wooden joinery.

Health and Safety in the Workshop

Are you someone who’s into wood carving and designing of quaint wooden bits and pieces? Surely you must have a workshop of your own where you keep all your tools and materials. Are you aware of all the health and safety measures to be taken while at work?

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