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Woodturning In The Community – Giving Is A Benefit For Everyone

Most if not all woodturners stand and work at the wood lathe because it is fun to do so, however there is an avenue of enjoyment that is sometimes missed. The pleasure of giving works both ways when it comes to the wood turning world.

How to Turn a Piece of Firewood on a Lathe – Spindles

With the cost of hardwood these days, it can be prohibitive to turn anything on a lathe let alone practice. Many beginning turners and even the experienced move to the firewood pile for turning wood. While the practised turners will have little trouble mounting the wood, beginners need a couple of hints to get started.

Seven Tips for Selecting the Right Wood for Your Woodturning Project

While wood turning projects are of course made from wood, that is like saying bread is made of flour without knowing if it is wheat, rye or multigrain. Wood varies tremendously and what is good for one project may not be good for another. Her are seven things to look for when choosing wood for your project at the wood lathe.

Woodturning Delights – Beginner Projects And The Gift Box

One of the things which surprises many woodturners is the expression of wonder on the faces of those who see the objects that even a novice turner can make. This, coupled with the need for the beginner to develop new skills allows for a secondary but wonderful joy in woodturning, the building of the woodturner’s gift box.

Talk About Gazebos

Gazebos used to be found more commonly in park grounds and gardens however they are beginning to make an appearance in backyards and subdivisions. These classical structures go back several millennia in the old civilizations of China and Persia. These roofed buildings can provide shade but offer a relatively cool outdoor area to spend time in because they are not enclosed. Gazebos can also be a gorgeous addition to a seaside house or country home in a space that will get lots of sun. This is a fascinating project for every woodworker who desires to tackle a big project because there are quite a lot of choices to customize for these structures.

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