What happens when a bandsaw mill hits metal in a log? w/Matt Cremona.

Woodturners And The Band Saw: Getting A Good Start On Round

Woodturning is the art and craft of taking wood and making it round in decorative and utilitarian ways. In order to do this it is necessary to mount the wood onto the wood lathe. Preparation for doing so, particularly in faceplate work, can be greatly aided by the band saw.

The Other Woodturning Tools: More Than The Wood Lathe

When woodworkers begin tho think about taking up woodturning the first thing they consider is buying a lathe. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to woodturning tools. Of course the cutting tools themselves, gouges, chisels, parting tools and so on need to be gotten but so are a few other tools which can be considered necessary for the craft.

Metalworking Lathes In The Wood Shop: Woodturners Can Have It Both Ways

With the growing interest in metal working there has been an increase in the availability of both new and used metal lathes on the market. While the techniques of turning metal and wood are different, the machines are similar enough to open a new world of turning for the woodturner as well as give new directions for turners of metal as well.

Woodturners And The Grinder: Set It Up For Sharpening

One of the first things a woodturner needs to learn is how to sharpen woodturning tools. This is different than the sharpening of most other tools in the workshop but it is neither difficult nor expensive to setup and learn.

Woodworking And The Wood Lathe: Moving With Wood Turning Projects Into The Craft

Seasoned woodworkers who have gotten a wood lathe are often confused at what to do with it after they get it. After all, most woodworking confines itself to flat work with the occasional decorative curve. The wood lathe operates somewhat like a potter’s wheel on it side, demanding thought in circles and spheres. The transition can be a freeing moment and a dramatic turn in the enjoyment of working with wood.

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