What makes this Connect Four game an elevated project?

Small Woodturning – Five Ways To Satisfaction in the Art and Craft

While a lot of the direction in woodturning tends to be in the way of larger and larger pieces, there are advantages to turning small items. Here are five ways to develop satisfaction in the art and craft of woodturning by going small.

Five Tips for Sharpening Your Wood Turning Tools

One of the first things that woodturners realize, especially if they come to woodturning from other types of woodworking, is turning tools need to be sharpened early and often. In most cases they need to be sharpened a lot more often than other cutting tools and the skills needed are different than those to sharpen most other tools. Here are four tips to help get sharp tools quickly and easily for the wood lathe.

Making Wood Turning Tools – It Is Easier Than Most People Think

Wood turners like to own lots of tools. While most professional turners have three or four tools that they use all the time, there tends to be lots of different tools hanging all around the shop. What surprises many turners is the ease in making many of their own tools.

Woodturning Tools – Make the Tool to Fit Your Hand

Every woodturner is of course different but woodturning tools are made in a one size fits all category. Most of the time this is fine but many woodturners like to tailor a tool to fit their own hands. This is easier than most people think.

Safety Measures to Take When Working With Wood

Working with wood involves sharp tools trying to cut a hard material into small pieces and then putting them back together in specified patterns. By its very nature, be it cabinet making, instrument building, wood turning or other woodworking it is inherently dangerous. Four areas of safety need to be kept in mind at all times.

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