What’s the difference between a home center and a hardware store? #shorts

Woodworking Finishing Made Simple

After trying many methods of finishing over the years, the one I like best is relatively simple and gives professional results. Try this simple method.

10 Steps To Build An Outdoor Storage Shed

If you require a storage shed to accommodate and make sure your extra items being properly protected but are unable to find any, you can consider building one yourself. Whether you are experienced or not in building storage sheds, it does not matter so long as you follow these 10 simple steps to build an outdoor storage shed.

7 Essential Questions You Must Ask Yourself On Building Sheds

If you are just starting out or totally brand new in building sheds, it is absolutely crucial that you have everything prepared before beginning any project. With that said, here are 7 essential questions you must ask yourself on building sheds.

Woodworking Fun

“Woodworking Fun” is about the satisfaction one can gain from creating something from pieces of wood. It can become a passion or even a vocation.

Workbench Height – What’s the Ideal Height for a Bench?

Unfortunately, there’s no single answer to what makes the best height for a workbench. It all depends on your particular body height and the particular kind of work you plan to do there. Later I’ll cover some of the specifics on just how to find that perfect distance between the workbench top and the floor, but first let’s take a look at why the height of your bench is so important to begin with.

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