Where have all the carpenters gone? Ethan James from The Honest Carpenter.

Should I Buy eBay Woodworking Tools?

It’s no secret that you can find pretty much everything you need to do whatever you want on eBay. But the main issue is finding a reputable seller that you can trust.

5 Garage Workbench Ideas and Suggestions

If there is one place in the house that is most suited for your craftsmanship, it would be the garage. Some people opt for the basement but not all houses have that extra room. A garage is a more common part and it is where dirty jobs can be done, simply because it does not need to be kept so clean all the time, as compared to the other areas.

The Benefits of Cabinet Locks for Your Home Files

The main benefit of using cabinet locks on filing cabinets is security. You might know instinctively that security for business filing cabinets in a no-brainer, but for filing cabinets in your own home?… Why?

Basic Power Wood Tools

Power wood tools make life for the woodworker much, much easier. Wood hand tools are great, but the work goes much slower and the energy needed to use them is greater so you tire faster.

Timber Furniture Plans – Find the Best Woodworking Resource

As a cabinetmaker myself, I know what it is like to lose interest in a project from the simple fact that you can not find plans to suit your needs. I had just recently got the motivation back and started thinking about and searching for my next project. With a growing child and another on the way, my wife and I had to discuss the bedroom situation for the children. In need for some timber furniture plans I turned my search to the internet.

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