Why does wood get burn marks from a table saw?

Safety Tips to Avoid Woodworking Injuries

It’s no coincidence that tens of thousands of men and women in the United States and the rest of the world have gotten hooked onto the woodworking hobby, due to the high level of enjoyment and satisfaction that comes with it. However there is a potential for accidents to occur if you fail to take note of some of the most important safety measures that should be taken. Keep on reading to find out a couple of the simple but effective ways to avoid such disasters.

Are Woodworking Plans Vital To The Success Of A Project?

If you are a beginner in woodworking then you may wonder the extent to which woodworking plans are important to the success of a project. The truth is woodworking plans are very vital if you really want to have fun with this hobby as without detailed instructions from a woodworking plan, you will not be able to avoid the potential frustrations that come with it, especially as a beginner.

Engaging In Woodworking As A New Spare Time Activity

Woodworking is a very popular hobby among both males and females all over the world and the first thing you need to do after deciding to engage in it during your spare time, is to buy some tools that will enhance your projects and then try to gain some expertise to begin your first assignment. A wood working plan will be critical to the success of your initial project as it will give you an idea of which project to select and how to go about it. You should however be cautious in its selection and make sure you choose…

Master Professional Furniture Maker Does Mediocre Woodworking

Yeah, I’ve been a high end cabinetmaker, wood turner, and furniture maker for over 25 years, but I do mediocre work. That’s because 99% of my work is for clients who want simple, down to earth wood projects, with no fluff, no buff, and NO CREATIVITY. Which means menial, bland, practical, boring, MEDIOCRE woodworking.

Basic Instructions on Keter Sheds and Wood Shed Plans

Find a good spot, first and foremost. Make sure that you have enough space in your yard to accommodate the shed that you intend to construct. Take proper measurements for your wood shed plans. This will prevent you from future problems regarding the specific measurement of the base and floor of the wooden shed you will be personally building. Keep in mind that the floor and base must be placed in a well-leveled ground and that the base and floor is initially has four equal sides. Decide whether the floor will be concrete or wood depending on your budget as the cost for these materials for the floor are the same.

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